Sep 22, 2009

Various Comet Projects Hosted by Google Code

The proliferation of Comet projects continues to grow. In addition to the many products already mentioned previously at Comet Daily, a quick search of Google Code shows the following initiatives of varying quality and completeness:

  • aexo is a research project providing infrastructure for activity-based-computing in pervasive environments
  • cometbox is a C# Comet implementation
  • FlexComet provides a Bayeux implementation for Flex developers
  • liftweb is scala-based web development framework that borrows Erlyweb’s scalability for Comet-style applications
  • msgbus provides a lightweight, evented HTTP/HTTPS PubSub message bus
  • rocket-gwt includes a Comet implementation for GWT
  • rupy, a 50KB Java NIO HTTP server, includes Comet support
  • Seaside is a smalltalk development framework
  • sprocket is a Perl Networking Framework
  • SymbolicWeb provides a Common Lisp GUI using AJAX and Comet
  • webchat2 is a chat app with a PHP server implementation


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