Sep 29, 2009

Is side-effects by using a HttpSession?

Detailed explanation on side-effects by using a HttpSession refer to the article Java theory and practice: Are all stateful Web applications broken?

The session state management mechanism provided by the Servlets framework, HttpSession, makes it easy to create stateful applications, but it is also quite easy to misuse. Many Web applications that use HttpSession for mutable data (such as JavaBeans classes) do so with insufficient coordination, exposing themselves to a host of potential concurrency hazards.

While there are many Web frameworks in the Java™ ecosystem, they all are based, directly or indirectly, on the Servlets infrastructure. The Servlets API provides a host of useful features, including state management through the HttpSession and ServletContext mechanisms, which allows the application to maintain state that persists across multiple user requests. However, some subtle (and largely unwritten) rules govern the use of shared state in Web applications, of which many applications unknowingly fall afoul. The result is that many stateful Web applications have subtle and serious flaws.............


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