Sep 29, 2009

Does firefox make money?

There is no ad; it's a freeware. It doesn't make sense to make a software for free, or is it?

Firefox is based on an open source project, basically what that means is, there is no intial devloper, like some guys a company pays to work on it for them, instead its written my a community of programmers from the entire world! There are many reasons for devloping open source, although not for money (although must do accept donations, and you can buy shirts and stuff), the project can be used on a resume for a job, and the code can be updated at anytime by anyone, anyone can make a mod to it and realase it to the internet so anyone can download it, all for free. The support you get can be VERY limited though, usually you will get help though help forums...meaning that most of the time, you'll actually have to know exactly what your looking for. Open source projects dont focus to benfit indviduals, but rather to benift the community.

Actually they made millions from google, by making google the default search engine,39020330,39189475,00.htm

And that why the mozilla foundation becomes a corporation last year since its legally no longer a a non-profit organization any more accorrding to the american law.


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