Feb 6, 2010

Free Samsung Corby or Samsung Corby II Games

Download the file in .Zip format,  Unzip and copy all the second file (.Jar and .Jad) to your phone. 



Updated corby games List - Download the following games from the following links

365 Puzzle Club

Assassins creed II
Armadillo Gold Rush
Asterix & Obelix encounter Cleopatra

BlackShark 2 Siberia
Bug Quest
Battleships 2010
Big Range Hunting 2
Block Breaker Deluxe 2
Brain Challenge Vol 2
Breeders cup
Brick Breaker Revolution 2
Bubble Bash 2
Bubble Popper
Bubble Bobble Evolution 2
Bubble Town
Bubble Town 2
Bugs Bunny

Clash Of The Titan
Chuck Norris Bring On The Pain
Civilization - 4
Command and Conquer
Cooking Mama
Crazy Monkey Spin
Crazy Penguin Catapult 2
Crazy Taxi
Cube Smashers
Celebrity S.E.X
Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2
Carnival land

Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009
Diner dash 2
Diner Dash Flo on the Go
Disney Board Games
Disneyland Kart Racer
DJ Mix Tour
Dodge This
Doggie Dash
Dictator defense

Extreme Air Snow Boarding
Earth worm Jim
Eagle eye

Farm Frenzy - Nông tr?i vui v?
Fishing Off The Hook
Fastand Furious
Family Guy Uncensored
Fight Night Round 4
Far Cry 2
Fort Boyard

Gold Rush
Gangstar II
GoGo Rescue Squad
Greys Ana tomy
GTRacing M0T0R Academy
Girls S E X

How To Train Your Dragon
Hero Of Sparta
HipHop All Star

Iron Man 2
I Simpson Arcade
Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Indiana Jones Lost Puzzles
Jungle Twister

Lemmings Tribes
Loco Roco Hi
Lux-drops of beauty
Lovi M y s h o n k a

Moorhuhn Deluxe
Mini Golf Park
Monopoly World
Monsters vs Alien
M0T0 GP 09
Ms Pacman
Marble Madness
Metal Slug 4
Miami Nights

No limit Casino
Nitro Street Racing II
NBA Pro Basket ball 2010
Need for Speed Shift
NFL 2010
Night at the Musem
Night Club Fever

Party Island Solitaire
Platinum Mahjong
Platinum Solitaire
Prison Tycoon
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Pro Golf 2010
Pyramid Bloxx

Resident Evil
Red Bull Soapbox Race
Roland Garros
Roller Coaster Revolution
Real Football Manager

Super Space Hero
Sonic Racing
Sonic unleasged
Sherlock Holmes: The Official
Sim City Deluxe
Spider Man Toxic City
Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams
Superman Batman
Smackdown Vs Raw
Scarface Last Stand
S e x y Poker
S e x Bet
S e x toys
Snake Deluxe 2

Tekken Mobile
Tank Ace 1944 - 3D
The Saboteur
Transformers G1
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Tricky T.r.a.c.k.s
Tetris POP
Tetris Revolution
Texas Hold' Em Poker
The Mummy 3
The Oregon Trail
The Sim 3
The Simpsons
Tiger Woods
T0NY Hawk
Tour de France
Tower Bloxx New York
Toy story 3


Vegas Casino

War - Chi?n tranh
Wheres Wally
World Carmen Sandiego
World Championship Pool 2010
WSOP Pro Challenge Poker

Yetisports Summer

Zombie Infection

Note : Installation file to your phone .Jad and enjoy the game !

Full list of Samsung Corby Games

Asphalt 4 Racing
Bejeweled Twist
Big Range Hunting
Block Breaker Deluxe
Block Breaker Deluxe 2
Bomb Sweeper like Minesweeper on your computer: X
Brain Coach
Bubble Bash 2
Bublex Mania
Buid A Lot
Caculator App or a pole, Corby Your nothing more FX 500MS both: P
Cake Mania Mini game has appeared with popular mobile touch version
Castle of Magic
Chess Master
Chocolate Shop
Chuck Norris
Crazy Penguin Catapult Update Penguins vs polar bear!!
Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 Update
Crazy Penguin Party Update
CSI Miami
Death Race
DJ Mix Tour
Diamond Twister
Diner Dash Update Mini-known game on PC
Disney Board Games
Dogz 2
Dream Day Wedding
eFly Beating dead flies on the phone screen
Fashion Week Live fashion game graphics nice
Fast & Furious Tokyo Update Racing
Ferrari GT
Ferrari World Championship 2009
Fort Boyard
Gish (Landscape)
Golden Balls
Guitar Rock Tour
All Star Hiphop
Jimmy Whites Snooker Legend
Juiced Racing
Jungle Twister
Match It 2 Update Commonly known as Pikachu in Vietnam (Nhoc_Gin)
Marble Manic Update
Metal Slug 4 Update
Might & Magic II
Mobi Chess Bluetooth game - both game: x
**** GP09 Game motorcycle racing was extremely
Monopoly World Flag billionaire
Mummy 3
NBA Pro Basketball 2009
New York Nights
NFL 2010
Night At the Museum 2
Nowhere Update
Oregon Trail Update Game evacuation
Paris Hilton DQ
Platinum Mahjong
Platinum Solitaire
Platinum Solitaire 2
Platinum Sudoku
Platinum Sudoku 2
Prince of Persia 4
Prince of Persia Classic
Pop Super Star
Pub Mania
Puzzle Mania 2
Pyramid Bloxx
R-Type Update Shooting outside space ship: D
Real Football Manager
Real Football Manager 2009
Sherk the Third
Sherlock Holmes
Silent Hill Update Horror game, exactly as the name xD
Sim City Metropolis
Snake Revolution
Sonic Hedgehog Update
S *** Unleashed (Landscape)
Spruce Chess Update - Chess
Super Puzzle Bbble
Super Water Bomber
SWAT Force
Teddy Factory
Theme Park Tycoon
Top Gear
Tower Bloxx 3D versions role of N ****. Running on gas shock Corby
Tower Bloxx 2D Very very special because it's hard to find
UNO (Landscape)
Untangle Update
Where is Wally
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary Game "Who is the millionaire?" English version
Wimbledon 2009
Wonder Blocks A similar role building the Tower Bloxx
Worms New Edition Depth vs Depth

if you want to create .Jad, you can use this software JAD Maker to create .Jad file.

If you need Virtual Keyboard, open existing .Jad file with notepad and insert the following lines at the end.

********************Code Starts************************************** 
MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
UseNativeTextButtons: false
ReverseSoftkeys: true
UseNativeCommands: false
MIDlet-TargetLCD-Height: 320
MIDlet-TargetLCD-Width: 240

********************Code ENds***************************************
Then save and copy the .Jad into memory card and install the game.

Make to work Samsung game size more than 500kb .JAR or .JAD file.

Thanks to 3logy and Shiplum. Please try and let me know if you need any help

posted by 3logy


posted by Shiplum


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Anonymous said...

is it also applicable for samsung star? i can't find games for samsung star. :)

vinay said...

Sorry, I am not sure about Samsung Star mobile.

Anonymous said...

the touch for crazy penguin catapult doesn't work on my samsung corby, what can i do?

Anonymous said...


Vinay said...

open .jad file in notepad, search and replace the following lines in that file.

MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
UseNativeTextButtons: false

MIDlet-Touch-Support: false
UseNativeTextButtons: true

Anonymous said...

do you have other games for samsung corby? :D

Anonymous said...

COOL. Thanks!!! :) Love it

Anonymous said...


Adrián said...

Thanks a lot!
I've been looking for some Corby Games.
Is there a way to rezise 240 x 400 games designed for Omnia to 240x320?

Vinay said...

Hi Adrian,

You can use this software to resize the any game


Vinay said...


Teja said...

do all these games run on corby pro??
or corby pro has java 500 kb limit like corby plus??

shiplum said...

i m having samsung corby plus,, when i try to install any jar file above 500kb, it gives "maximum file size reached".. how to install such games?

Vinay said...

Hi shiplum,

Its a limitation in corby plus. You have to install games below 500 kb. :-(

venkatesh said...

hi vinay i need samsung corby funny softwares and some use full tools could u please upload (sorry to my english)

Anonymous said...

i m not understanding that resize thing but i download juiced racing game its onlt 300 kb or something but after i install and start the game it says java error do anyone have a fix for this and plz reply to me quicly my phone is samsung corby plus

Anonymous said...

plz help me with the resize thingy software i beg u guys.....

anuj said...

hey Vinay, first of all, a great site
can you tell me how to convert these rar files to jar files for use in my samsung corby?

Vinay said...

Hi anuj,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Unzip the rar file, after extraction you can see two files .jar and .jad. Transfer .jar file in your mobile and install the same.

HIZQEEL said...

does dis games work on corby pro?

shiplum said...

hi vinay.. i found a trick to install any size game on CORBY PLUS.. if u try to install with .jar file, then the limit is 500kb.. but if u convert .jar into .jad, and install using .jad, then there is no limit.. i hav installed many games like this.. spread this news to all CORBY PLUS users man..

Anonymous said...

Great Job Buddy!!!!
Keep it up......

Anonymous said...

wer do u find a jar to jad converting software??

rajath said...

hey..... vinay.... i keep getting java error for most of the above games..... how do i fix it?

Vinay said...

Hi Rajath,

Please post your error detail here.


Anonymous said...

the sonic unleashed game it says inavalid file..
i tried another one form another site and its too big for the corby screen and not landscape...

raja said...

can u please help me how to install jar files in corby speed cdma mobile. i tried all kinda things.

Anonymous said...

do u know how to use the facebook sns on corby..?? i cant use it.T_T

Anonymous said...

Invalid file Invalid file INVALID FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3logy said...

Here is how you are to bypass the Max Jar size error on Samsung mobiles.

Dial this *#52828378#

you'll be in the Java test Menu after dialing the code.

Then in the Menu, go to

OTA Test and Change the default value (500) of the JAR size to

Meaning you can install up to 2MB jar file.

Then Save!

After saving Try to install some games or application sizing more than 500kb!

Enjoi... :)

Spread the News...

-+ 3logy +-

surya said...

hi vinay
first thing, great site, i'm desperate looking games for my samsung s5620 monte till i came to your site,

but i think some game ARE missing from this page (http://vinaytechs.blogspot.com/2010/03/fullscreen-for-free-samsung-star-touch.html#down) altugh there are any additional games, could you please re upload the missing game such as miami night2,star trek,dewys advnt,and so on...

great site
(sorry for my english)

Vinay said...



Vinay said...

HI Surya....

Get the miami games from the following page...


Thanks for visiting my blog

Harsimran said...

@3logy...thanks a lot..you saved me a whole lot of disappointment with my new phone:)
your method works like charm!

3logy said...

@Harsimran: You're welcome... I am happy for you... :) Had the same problem before.


To Everyone:


The may not be applicable on all samsung mobile, but you can freely try dialing it to check if it works for you. :)

Have a Pleasant day to all...

Janice said...

The music related games are actually entirely playable with the sound off, as they are merely an audio-enhanced version. Although there are additional games, could you please re upload the missing game such as miami night2, star trek, dewys advnt and so on...

Vinay said...

Get the miami games from the following page...


Thanks for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot vinay for corby games
but i hav a problem i follow the procedure to remove keypad but game is not runnig its shows invalid plz help

Anonymous said...

i also cannot remove the virtual keyboard by following your instruction
can u help me here..plis

Arshad said...

Nice Collection Vinay!
Thanks very much!

All of these games are 100% running on my Samsung Corby S3653.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first I'll just say I really happy to have found this site. I have been looking for games for a while now. Unfortunately I'm a complete noob to stuff like this. Is it possible to get detailed instructions on how to install these games on the phone? Also the Monopoly World does not have a Jad or Jar file after I unzip it.

Tausif and Somya said...

sim[ly amazing site.vinay u have earned respect from all of us.my prev cell was rokr e6 even that had the same java problem there also some1 like u helped everyone.thnk man
hey just a small request can u make or find some program that can hide folders in our mobile? bcz i had 1 for rokr e6 but its format is diffrnt.
thnka in advance

Anonymous said...


lobhaspatil said...

hi vinay i wanna update my java database on samsung corby plus so dat i dont get d graphics problems fr games like prince of persia.i mean d game runs till loading nd as chapter 1 begins d game hangs...

any help apriciated

Anonymous said...

Do somebody know if there are themes for Samsung Corby S3653? If yes how to install them.

Sagar said...

Hi.. vinay i just got samsung corby plus...i need one help...
when i install java apps.... its save the apps in phone memory... do u know how to save it in memory card, cause corby plus phone memory is just 24 mb... help me please :(

Sagar said...

Hey Vinay... i got new samsung corby plus... and my problem is that when ever i install java apps in my mobile its saves the application on phone memory but not in memory card... and corby plus phone memory is too low only 24 mb if i need to install more games or apps its says to delete old and install new :(( please help me.. waiting for ur reply :)thanx

Anonymous said...

4.ADD THIS LINE "MIDlet-Touch-Support: true"

Anonymous said...

Can I use this for my Samsung Corby s3653? The one that is for expanding the maximum memory for the games.

Anonymous said...

samsung corby s3653w has no youtube program installed on it.. where can i download youtube player for samsung corby s3653w?.. the default internet browser doesnt play youtube video. thanks

Vinay said...

Hi Sagar,

Please follow the step when you find the memory error

when memory error comes plz
1) type * # 6984125 * #
2) Select internal pass * # 9072641 * # on section 6 storage setting
3)Select 3 update java DB

let me know if u need help

felo said...

Hello Vinay,

I have same problem with Sagar. I have used the info from 3logy and dont get the exceed max file size error. But how can i install straight to the memory card like i used to do with my Nokia 3250 phone. Your last post is not clear, can you explain properly, like you did in editing the .jad file. Seriously in need of your help man!
Thanks in advance.

Dennis said...


Nice list love it!!

There is a problem with the Gansgtaz Game link.. could u please correct it so i can download it :) THX

Anonymous said...

hi vinay , how can i remove the virtual keyboard? :( i can't edit the jad file :(

lobhaspatil said...

Hi vinay,
I have the same problem as sagar has
i too have a samsung corby plus and i want to instal the games on my memory card cause the limit is very low...plz help me out...
i tried the codes but they are'nt working ...can u explain it more clearly

Kalyan Vemuri said...

Awesum site dude... worth watching every one.. small doubt.. do we get themes for samsung corby.. if any by chance.. i've browsed quite long but found none :(.. can u help on this too vinay?

Anonymous said...

hello..can u please help me?i cant play youtube videos...its says connecting/connected but it will only say try again...i downloaded opera mini 5.1 still the same thing..i cant play youtube:(..please help

looking forward to your reply

Anonymous said...

im using samsung s3653w btw...i cant play youtube videos

Anonymous said...

do you have tower defense game for corby?

Anonymous said...

hello vinay its me again=)
please help me regarding my problem with samsung s3563w..i cant play youtube..its says connecting/connected but it will only say try again..im kinda frustrated,huhuhuh:(

Vinay said...

Hi anonymous,

Click the below link you can see the instruction for YOUTUBE.


Try using opera browser in corby

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply

i already did both..optimizing the yutube page and downloading opera mini 5.1...but still the same thing i cant play youtube videos...
samsung s3653w can play youtube right?
can it play youtube only when using wifi?how about gprs?thats what the toll free agent told me...

Vinay said...

hi yes you are correct, u can play youtube using WIFI, the think the video streaming is not allowed in GPRS.


Anonymous said...

I too didn't get to stream video using GPRS with my samsung corby for the first time. but now it streams video in GPRS . Try these steps.
1. Menu
3.Application settings
4.Media player
5.VOD settings. ( i just clicked here and don't exactly remember what i did.But I think right after clicking "VOD Settings" Video started streaming.

Anonymous said...

Here's a way to stream video using GPRS also,
1. Menu
2. settings
3. Application settings.
4.Media Player
5. VOD Settings.
I don;t exactly remember what i did after that. But as far as I know, it started video streaming right after clicking in VOD Settings.

Vinay said...

Great! Enjoy watching videos

Anonymous said...

Vinay you blog is splendid. More than samsung website. I have Samsung corby 3410. When I launch some games java error is displayed with not enough memory. Can i install games in the memory card directly? Do let me know ASAP.

Ashish, Nepal

Rohan said...

hey i have corby s3653...
in asphalt 4 the screen seems cropped from the bttom... is there a fix for this?

Anonymous said...

hi this is harish very greatful to you vinay for the games i have samsung corby s3653 the game which are above 1mb are giving error "no memory" i have tried urs and 3logy solutions it is giving error "network error" please vinay reply me if there is any solution please

Rohan said...

pls upload EA Bejeweled again....
its been deleted..

Vinay said...

No memory issues please refer the below link


Vinay said...

After installing the game
go to ur keypad type *#5239870*#
go to internals type *#7092463*#
then go to storage settings --> update java db


Anonymous said...

hi there Vinay,

i followed your instruction about removing the virtual keyboard. I did remove the keyboard, but my problem now was, i can't play the game by touching it. huhu. please help me. Please?:(

Vinay said...

Have you tried this

********************Code Starts**************************************
MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
UseNativeTextButtons: false
ReverseSoftkeys: true
UseNativeCommands: false
MIDlet-TargetLCD-Height: 320
MIDlet-TargetLCD-Width: 240

********************Code ENds***************************************

nitin said...

hey vinay thanks for replyin .. and that samsung code for increasin the maximum jar size from 500kb doesnot work in my corby mate .. do u know an alternative .. and also if u have any non touch jar games i'd like to have them ..
thanks and u're doin a gr8 job .. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello someone,i have a problem with my samsung c3510 corby,any time i tried to play a game,i get a JAVA ERROR message and then d game shut down.I tried d code given about but it isn't working.Pls can anyone help me out.Plss

king of satans said...

i think .jad files dont work in samsung corby colors. and i cant install more than 5 games in my mobile.
if i try to do more i get a msg saying not enough memory.
pls help.
and one more thing is der any software which converts .jad into .jar format?

Anonymous said...

hi can you please help me. .i dont know how to us Win.rar application. maybe you can help me with these, i really dnt know where to find the unzip button for the file to be converted into either jar or jad. .tnx tnx

Vinay said...

Hi use winrar or 7 zip to extract your file. Once u extracted you can see the files


Sagar said...

Hey vinay when i used this codes
it displaying not allowed plz help :(

when memory error comes plz
1) type * # 6984125 * #
2) Select internal pass * # 9072641 * # on section 6 storage setting
3)Select 3 update java DB

this code saying not allowed :((

Sagar said...

Can i play YOUTUBE videos on samsung corby plus b3410

Anonymous said...

Guys , Can I play this games with my Corby B3210?

Anonymous said...

Hi, These games will run on any java supported mobile phones

Online Free Sports Games said...

Great Post Buddy,
Thaks For Share.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Yousuf said...

Hi Pleas help me!

Whenever I try to install some more games, it displays the error,

"Memory Full. Delete Games? Yes/No"

Therefore, I have to delete some games to install more, :(

Please help me. What can I do? how can I increase the memory? I have samsung C3300.

Nidhi said...

hey frnds, i hv samsung corby plus.
how do i play .jad files in it?
whenever i play .jad files it says jar not found
plz help!!

Anonymous said...

hey pals i have a samusung corby plus.
i followed the -+3logy+-
but it shows memory error n java error.
plz help me out!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi sir vinay, Is there a way to rezise 240 x 400 games designed for samsung corby to 240x320? this link u have provided does not fit. http://www.4shared.com/file/232984269/571cd84e/Setup_S60v3_Jar_Resize.html

the 240x400 is not in the list tto resize the game..pls help..thanks

Akshit said...

hey vinay sir can can i resize 240x400 games to 240x320 size for my corby colors

Vinay said...

Hi Akshit,

Do the following

Open gamename.jar files with WinRar ---> you can see META-INF folder, open that folder find MANIFEST.MF file. drag that file in your desktop and open with notepad... see the screenshot below. after changed your screen values again drag .mf file from local desktop to winrar, the file will overwrite... enjoy...


Anonymous said...

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome..
your blog totally wicked..

i just wanna tq..
i work well on my corby pro..

do u have touchscreen application like dictionary?

Anonymous said...

is there a software for corby to change virtual keypad to virtual keyboard?

Anonymous said...

can i connect my corby to a PC to access the internet connection of my PC to my corby??

Anonymous said...

hey vinay
gr8 work man just suprb

Vinay said...

CORBY to PC internet connection

I think its not possible in Corby. Please search "tethering" in google.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinay, Do u hve a digital compass for Samsung Corby Plus. Thanks in advance

Bablu said...

Whats the java test menu code for corby pro i.e gt-b5310

Anonymous said...

sir, is there any application i can install to my corby WI-FI where i can have a QWERTY keyboard for my sms or text messages. Thanx in advance sir. Happy Holidays

Bablu said...

Yes......jad file has no limit i can install much larger files and can play.....
thus only one problem in storage should be in memory card instead of phone iternl memory........

Bablu said...

Yes......jad file has no limit i can install much larger files and can play.....
thus only one problem in storage should be in memory card instead of phone iternl memory........

shiplum said...

hi vinay,
i am using Samsung GT-B3410 (corby Plus).. is there any way by which i can change the full internal software of my phone to that of Corby Pro or other Corby phone?

Please, if its possible, then please help me.. my phone number is 07418652716..
msg me, i'll call.,.

Anonymous said...

hey!!good day!!!..can i plai pokemon on my corby wi-fi using touch screen?or using gameboy pad?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinay,

Are there any Tohc Screen Games available in Landscape mode. All the games present are in Portrait mode.
I have Samsung Corby Pro (B5310).

I am looking for landscape games like, rollercoaster in Samsung Corby Pro.


Vinay said...

for landscape mode - download games from the following link



Play Online Games said...

Nice list dude. I love it. a lot of good collection. Please share some more lists

Anonymous said...

i just read a lot of comments,, questions about accessing youtube on s3653w and its not working.
that happens to me when i first got mine. but suddenly, i found the answer that Yes s3653w can use youtube for playing vids.
1st you need to have internet access maybe wifi.
2nd: go to menu
3rd: go to communities and whalla youtube will show there.
4th: tap youtube and try to use it for playing videos and that should do it.
just use that step to play youtube videos.
email me @ betsayvargas@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

great blog men ^^ i hope others can read this too

Anonymous said...

im MyLeds,.....

Hi Vinay ..Tnx Alot of Instruction you Share to Us...

All are Working to my Samsung Corby wifi

Your The Best

Best Regaurds All of us her...


nikhil said...

Hi.. vinay
how to delete system java apps in "games and more" folder in corby s3653

pls Reply


Anonymous said...

this siteis totally awesome but when i run games some games worked, but sometimes it show java error..
can anybody plz help me..

Anonymous said...

i want to format my samsung corby wifi phone..can u pls help me...;

harjeet said...

Thanks for share this. and thee all are very interesting games.

Nitesh said...

how to upload any game, software to corby txt using usb cable or any specific software for it

muddassir said...

Dear Vinay,

i read your blog, its really great but my problem is still not solved. i am using Samsung GT-B3410 , whenever i play games i get "Not enough memory" and the game crashes, the codes used to access admin menu on your blog are not working,
neither this * # 6984125 *# nor this *#5239870*# code works to access admin so that java memory could be increased.
Please solve this issue,
Muddassir Manzoor

naveen said...

i'm using samsung corby b3410.
i lost my mobile password.
please help me to get my password.


Anonymous said...

i cant find this in operamini 5.1 jad file in note pad.

MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
UseNativeTextButtons: false

so i cant replace it. what will i do?

gen said...

Nice collection!!!
Please upload land scape games for corby s3653

Vinay said...

Hi, get the landscape games from the following url



sudhir said...

hii vinay...can u please help me out in installing applications and games into my samsung corby "unsupported file format" is d error i am getting...please dude help me out

divyam maithani said...

<\b>hey vinay

i want to increase my video size in corby plus because all the 3gp format is use only half screen so
plz help me .
plz help me.......

ur divyam.....

Anonymous said...

can i get motion sensor games ??

eijhay said...


hi there! good day! very useful blog! may i ask if these games can be played in Samsung corby pro?

what do you mean by this?? "soon go offline Game" thanks in advance!

raj said...

hi vinay i have samsung corby s3653w i used the code *#5329870*# and entered admin settings in that i want into debug settings and entered debug level and changed it to high and now ma screen displays upload data to pc and its not starting up pls help me i now m in great trouble but pls help me if you can.

Vinay said...

hi raj,


goto the above link.. do the firmware upgrade..

Anonymous said...

hey vinay can u please help me out,
im nt able to play videos in my samsung corby b3410...
is dder any internet settings needed..?

Nitish said...

Wow, these games are awesome. Wondered if there was a game for Transformers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vinay
Can u please post a link for the game skee ball by gameloft? i knew how to download a 240x320 version but it was'nt touch screen
please post a link for the game skee ball touch screen
Thanx a lot :)

sameer said...

hi vinay can u tell me how to get themes in samsung corby pro plzzzzzzzzz

android apps developers LA said...

Good source of Samsung Corby Games. :) That's the reason why I liked Samsung Corby.

Vinay said...

Its fantastic site. Thanks for the efforts put in.

By the way I am using Samsung Corby CDMA phone and found that all the games here does not work on it.

Vinay, will you please tell me reason?

Thanks buddy

Anonymous said...

thx,,,really helpfull

Michael Angelo said...

Why i cant resize the landscape game?? my phone is s3653w but when i resize the 240x400 to 320x240 is not working can anyone help me??

RockStar said...

Hi. I have Samsung C3300k and the codes for java not enough memory aren't working. There are alternative codes for this phone? Tnx

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me PYIRAMID BLOX for Samsung S3600i Please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you upload Doodle Jump for corby?

Anonymous said...

i cant watch or play youtube in my samsung s3653w corby using wifi. always said connecting...connecting suddenly disconnected to main server.

Robin said...

hlo,plz tell me how to watch live tv on samsung corby plus?

Robin said...

hi can to tell me how we watch live tv on corby plus

Glass Art said...


I am suffer the problem of I cant download the media files for Nokia-N5.... can any tell me how to do it?

Movies Gallery 2011 said...

Interesting post. I bookmarked it.



acky said...


vishal said...

when a game is launched it says "java error no memory available" to remove it open keypad and type *#5239870*# and you will be in admin menu then go to internals and type *#7092463*# and tap "update java db" thats all!!!!!

vishal said...

when a game is launched it says "java error no memory available" to remove it open keypad and type *#5239870*# and you will be in admin menu then go to internals and type *#7092463*# and tap "update java db" thats all!!!!!

celebrity games said...

Wow !! great one
I really loved to play online games.
These games are really very very amazing to me.
If anybody have online game site list and online games please provide a link to me also.

Suyash said...

Hey Vinay.
First of all Fabulous Blog... i really have to appreciate this!
Second... as i go to setting of Corby pro B5310.. by *#0*# then to the "Sensors" it shows that my B5310 have Accelerometer sensors also! Means motion sensors!
Please i need the games of motion sensing for my corby Pro B5310. Please Help Please!
Suyash Dixit

Clateau said...

Hey Vinay can you tell me how to port android(at least 2.2) to my samsung gt-b5310 corby pro phone. You see having to work on a samsung proprietary o.s is not cool at all

prince said...

hey vinay plz tell me how to enable keypad in corby pro games ...

Raymart said...

where can i get free doodle jump deluxe for samsung corby s3653??
plsss help Vinay
Thx in advance..!=)

mullu said...

hi vinay i have samsung gts3653 corby .Itried to load "Angry birds" game but it is showing "java error No memory available"
plzz help me to overcome this problem

mullu said...

Hi!! genius i have a samsung gts3653 mobile.My touch doesnt work properly some what should i do??
plzzzzzzzzzz post me at rohith_guptha@yahoo.com

mullu said...

Hi!! vinay how can i provide a security code to my keypad.I am using samsung gts3653.
post me to my ID rohith_guptha@yahoo.com
--Plzzz Thanks in advance

dakid95 said...

Hi i have a corby plus and i dont know where to install the games. I have them in my chip under a folder, but i cant open it.

Rahul said...

hey bro I have a samsung corby pro but there is a problem in installation of .JAD files how cani install hese files to my mobile

Anonymous said...

hey buddy,,,great job u have done...can u give the link to download ttpod music player with equalizer and english version fully cracked for samsung s3653 corby ? plzz bro,,i am searching for it but the result is a sadly disappointment.

Hussain said...

Hey can u tell me how to watch youtube videos on samsung corby pus (b3410) plzzzz reply immediatly reply here or on hussain_00749@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi vinay ,i'm abhishek ,this is amazing site .
I wanted to know about how to install the java applications in Memory card instead of Phone Memory.
My Phone is Samsung Corby Plus

Edikenkoy said...

where to download samsung apps aside from games?

Anonymous said...

Hey Vinay, i'm trying to follow instructions on the previous link but i seem to be lost.. first of all, i wanted to download Angry Birds for CORBY GTS S3653W, then i wanted a how to install instructions of it, also i lost all the system widgets in my phone after downloading other widgets can i have this back again if theres a way? thanks!


Anonymous said...

is this applicable for samsung corby II? thanks

Anonymous said...

i downloaded brain challange vol 2.
as i start game my cell vibrates continuously but my phone is in silent profile even without vibration. what to do?

Joseph said...

the dial someting on the top is not working on my samsung corby 2..the thing that can save up to 2mb memory instead of 500kb

idiot said...

can this games be used on samsung corby 2 s3850 ?

Anonymous said...

sir is there any way to install games larger than 500kb on samsung metro s3500??...pls do reply

abhishek said...

hey...i dunno how 2 download any of the game in samsung corby plus...pls help me i need assassins creed!!!

pawz said...

hi! great site...

i hope you can post some word games like text twist.. i can't play the book worm on my Samsung Corby II phone :(

jared said...

i tried all the codes that they post but none of them works on my phone, im using samsung corby pro please help me i want to play angry birds on my phone :((

Anonymous said...

i tried all the codes that they post but none of them works on corby pro n plz post the code soon which works in samsung corby pro

Anonymous said...

i have samsung corby II s3850 how can i install these files to my mobile?

Anonymous said...

thanks vinays for the games. hope you could find angry birds seasons for corby.

Anonymous said...

hmmm how about themes for my corby??

Anonymous said...

are these games compatible to samsung corby 2??

Fermin IV said...

Hey Vinay! o found all instruction here to install games and have it resized..all are working perfect! thank you very much! i enjoyed playing diner dash: flo on the go, but i think its the only version for samsunbg corby / do u have other diner dash version for samsung corby? because the one for iphone is not compatible i just tried it though ..hehe... hope u can create new games most importantly diner dash all of the version..hehe.. thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I tried EVERYTHING you said about removing the virtual keypad and it does remove it, but the problem is that if I touch the screen nothing happens, the touchscreen won't work at all. Is there anything I could do?
By the way, great website. :)

Anonymous said...

SIR! are you the missing son of Mr. JEJOMAR??? coz you are sir VINAY :)))

Anonymous said...

Are you the son of JEJEMOR ???? Coz you are VINAY!!! :)))

dee.presario said...

hi vinay,

do you have other applications other than games for samsung C3510? such as medical dictionaries, and other stuff?

thank you soo much.this site is really very helpful


Anonymous said...

Hey .. i need help pls.. im using samsung corbys3850.. i dwnloaded lots of games on my memory card.. but after installing 3 to 4 games on my phone.. it says not enough memory.. what should i do ?

lady_shaine said...

hi vinay,
such a very good site for newbie like me....
my phone is GT S3653w most of the games played on my phone but some arenot. I tried to install the angry birds but didn't worked.

please help me solve this problem..

thank u,

safyheartshyunjoong:) said...


thanks for sharin'! :)

Anonymous said...

hey vinay! the trick to increase the 500kb size ain't worked on my corby pro. pls help bro ={

Gaurav said...

hey vinay...
i need to know...how to use youtube on my samsung corby plus...when i try to play video ,it shows content not supported...plz help me


sam said...

i am new and dont know how to download game via computer from your blog please give me a proper way to download worms from your blog.

sam said...

i am new and dont know how to download game via computer from your blog please give me a proper way to download worms from your blog.

sagar said...

Hi, my name is 1Sagar.
i have Samsung corby s3653 n my problem whenever i install .jar file it shows key pad.
so plz plz plz tell me how can i remove it.

prinz said...

hi there vinay,

how can I bypass the jar size of my samsung corby II?? i already typed *#52828378# but nothing happened? what will i do? please help me.

tia :)

Anonymous said...


i using samsung s5620. i m not open a video from youtube.... please help me

Anonymous said...

some of these games dont work on Corby 2!!!

Abhishek said...

hi 3ology , does this java trick work for samsung corby 2

Anonymous said...

@sagar, as to how to remove the virtual keypad on your java games in corby pro, I have uploaded a video on youtube on that. Check that out...

Hope it helps:)

kranthi said...

hi vinay. am a doctor 4m andhra pradesh. can u help me out in downloading n installing medical dictionary n english bible in my corby GT-S3653 corby mobile? pls mail me ur ans to dr.kranthi1412@gmail.com

Bhagyesh said...

hey vinay..... I am from India and i have samsung corby pro gtb5310 and my firmware version is DDJD2. please let me know if there is any update available for this software version and provide the link to download the latest version. thanks....

Islam Elshobokshy said...

Any sensor games? Please? :(

Anonymous said...

hey vinay, could u please jot down some codes that work on samsung gt-s3653? and do u have any idea how to make the virtual keyboard on the bottom of the screen a little bigger? because i've seen in some applications like palringo messenger where the virtual keyboard is a lil bit bigger. thankyou for you cooperation. :)

Sidrocks! said...

Can u please suggest a way tolet my Corby mate B3313 play games and softwartes of sizes greater than 500Kb?

Anonymous said...

How could I remove the keypad in the .jar file?

Anonymous said...

hello! i cant install these games in my corby 2. when i'm going to install it, it always says "content not signed" what should i do :(( please help mee.

AzRi(FiRe AcE) said...

how to istall games more than 500kb for samsung corby GT-S3850.... please2...

derick said...

Very helpful site indeed. However, most of the game's resolution is on 240x400. The screen resolution of my Corby II phone is 240x320 only. so apparently, the whole interface of some games cannot be seen,thus, useless. is there any way to fix this? I know I have deliberately done all the possible resolutions (using a Jar Resize software and manipulating the Manifest.mf file). The game is still working after but still with the same screen issue. Verified the codes, and its still there. So what is happening? can it work properly with corby II?

Thanks in advance!

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