Apr 16, 2010

Samsung Corby S3650 Firmware Update Guide [Avoid sudden power failure]

This firmware update is used to Avoid sudden power failure!

First download firmware for Corby : http://rapidshare.com/files/310984933/S3650XXII5.rar

Please download and read the guidance tutorial for Multiloader 5.60


NOTE : Be sure to have a backup of the data on your phone! Flashing a phone is a tricky business so be sure to know the risks!

If you are not able to understand in PDF tutorial. You can try the following steps.


Press the three buttons as shown on the above image

  • Volume Down
  • Camera button
  • Power button

It will appear a red text dowload + rim

Connect your mobile to PC

Open up installed MultiLoader 5.6


First select: BRCM2133

Next select:  Full Download then Master Rom

You can see the information, refer below image.


Select the check box like above image

Boot, Apps, Rsrc1, Rsrc2, Factory FS

Select the Port it will light up the text to search click on Download it for about 5 minutes waiting for it when it is up to the "All files complete" disconnect your phone, remove the battery, insert your MicroSD and SIM card

ENJOY !!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone answer me,is there a way to make samsung s3650 Corby supports wi-fi?With on software or hardware actions?Thank you.

Anonymous said...

my samsung corby firmware version is S3650XEII3, will it be good for me to upgrade my firmware? (I live in georgia republic,if it is important for firmware upgrade). and will it have any new features? please help me.
my email is ooooo123123@mail.ru

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is dal ..i was just wondering, can I update the firmware of my samsung corby s3653? i live in the philippines.. please email me if you know something .. adaljeh@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi! i have my corby gt3653 no wifi, my concern is i entered a wrong firmware by using *#2665# which is actually a firmware for corby gt3653w. now my phone doesnt syncronize at all. help me to debug this problem. thank you!

here's my email address tonydguzman@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hey my corby flashing failed now my phones not working someone plz help

Vinay said...

Hi reflash again using mentioned key combination.

Unknown said...

flashing my s3650 Doesn't show Port

Anonymous said...

helo vinay.. i want to know this firmware, can i do it this firmware to my samsung corby s3653 no wifi? sorry for my bad english :)

Fabio Silva said...

Hello all, I have one gt-s3650 and I used the code "*#2665# and after selection "firmware update" my touchscreen has become awkward. When I type 8 it detect 2... and this happens all over the touchscreen.

I already updated the firmware to version S3650XXII5 the processes works fine... but when the device reboot with the new firmware, the touch screen problem persist...

I already did a master reset using the code *2767*3855# ... it reset the phone... but... the touch screen problem is still there..

Does anybody know anything that I could do to solve it?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

after installing themes through multiloader, my phone gets stucked on start up. it wont open anymore. please help. s3653w. please email me at ricaphonics2yahoo.com thanks

khan said...

pls, tell me how to update frimware of samaung corby s3653.

Anonymous said...

hello vinay can you plss help me? because when i update my samsung corby s3653, my internal master key not working,help plss when i press internal key no. no number see? help..

Obroll said...

How to change firmware samsung s3653 to galaxy mini?

Miles said...

I tried to flash thru multiloader....wat happen is ...the process does not complete saying "Serial port error detected".....can someone help.....plz.....

Miles said...

I cant flash thru multiloader..it gives an error"Serial port error detected"...plz help..asap...

Anonymous said...

i cant use my phone now...
it is just displayinng sos option...
even my sim is in proper position...

Faisal said...

hi vinay, i downloaded the firmware but at the last moment the file "Rsrc_S3650_Open_Europe_Common.rc1" didnt download completely(just 200kb less).now when i select this file from multiloader in 'Rsrc' it says curupt file.please can you provide me that particular file, or i should upgrade my firmware without this file. pllzzzzzz help me!

Anonymous said...

not able to update s3653 firmware by 3 key combo.... the multiloader doesn't shows any info about boot and all....please help

Anonymous said...

does this firmware update apps because my games are not full screen?

Anonymous said...

my samsung firmware is s3653JPJA1 i want to update it and i want to make my samsung corby as new flashed phone with no issues how can i make it plz reply it...

Anonymous said...

hello vinay.The words in my corby is gone, i can't open keypad,messages and others because of that help me. It started when i download the original firmware with boots then everything back to normal but the words are gone i can;t read messages, even in games every words are gone help me pls..
my yahoo is maderazo.lois@yahoo.com.ph

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