Mar 21, 2010

JAVA installation instructions on the phone Samsung

You know until the present time, mobile phones universal brand Samsung as a perfect day. One significant improvement over the phone using Samsung's operating system is installed to support Java applications directly from a memory card or on the phone.

Ultra-fast operation and simple:

  • Copy the file *. JAR and JAD (game or application) to the memory card.
  • On the phone, select menu>> file manager and select the installation process.

My files in the JAR file to select the installation 
Select the memory card (Memory card) 
Select the folder containing the JAR file installed on the memory card 
Select two files (JAD and JAR), press Menu>> Move to Phone 
image  image
Note to select the exact section

  • Requirements when installing JAVA applications for your device should have two files: one file *. JAR and JAD file *. 1. If the application or game does not have *. JAD file we must use the program "JAD generator" to create a file *. JAD.
  • Program can be downloaded free at: JAD generator
  • Samsung phone models support Java installed directly from memory cards: S3500, C3050, E2510, C5212 (2 sim), the other Samsung phone will be updated manually or higher on the forum will give us more

Play this for three games before the test see why. All comments are responded

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Anonymous said...

hey i'm not able to install jar and jad files in my samsung star can u pls help me out with this

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