Mar 5, 2010

How to install theme for samsung U700

note that only the firmware (fw) U700AMGE1 set theme support so you press * # 1234 #, Upgrade your mobile firmware, download firmware from below link.


after update is complete, then proceed:
you create a theme, you can not just give it to your phone. you have to download bitpim and use it to install the theme on your phone.
first you need "Qualcomm USB"Drivers and "BitPim". prepare USB cable!
Qualcomm USB




a. install drivers

b. Install BitPim.

1. You must enter the code: * # 0523 #

2. [9] common>> [6] USB Configuration>> [2] Qualcomm USB [*]

-> Qualcomm USB Configured.

Plz Reconnect the Cable.0

3. Now put the USB cable to phone and PC.

-> Windows found a new hardware-.

Install hardware, manuals and select the folder Qualcomm driver.

Now go to the Hardware manger -> Modems-> Qualcomm, you need to know the port number.

4. Open "BitPim" and configure your software U700.

Phone type: Other CDMA phone

Com port: * look at step 5 * (browser, you can, but choose the right one!)


And click "OK"

5. Start "BitPim", go to the menu "View" and "View Filesystem" ..

6. Click on "Filesystem" (left in BitPim).

Now you can see a blue folder, open the folder ((press on "+").

-> ... Retrieving

7. Click the '-' beside the USER file, then click on the topic.

You will now see a folder and a default installation folder. Put topics that you created in the installation folder and restart your phone.









Ashish said...

Bhai yarr ye batao samsung star s5560 me theme kaise set kare simple method batao?

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