May 18, 2010

Samsung I9000 S Galaxy - First Impressions

Samsung S Galaxy, the phone is becoming the world center of technology, and are not simple questions to be posed since it was introduced at the 2010 CTIA. Many people wonder why there is the appearance of the word "phone", when that Samsung is focusing on developing for mobile platforms of their new, even S Galaxy are highly valued than Wave S8500?

Apparently Samsung is trying to develop both Android and Bada. Galaxy S occurs because not everyone uses Samsung's new platform, in addition to the new operating system Google is growing very strongly, up more market share from other platforms.

On the front Android, HTC is the company launched several mobile devices, and also said that the most successful. Samsung, the airline launched just few phones using this OS. If only based I7500 i5700 or not enough, that's not to mention the HTC to release every terrorist with a high profile and attract the consumer world. Thus, Galaxy S is an answer to its competitors.

According to some reliable sources, the S will launch the Galaxy from the market in June, with prices estimated at about 600 Euro. An article about "super food" Samsung's new, from Mobile-review technology.


Wave Samsung phone is really "dream" with high profile and the Super AMOLED screen. If asked to find out the difference between the Galaxy and S Wave, you find how many points? Samsung took almost all the features on the Galaxy Wave to equip S, and apparently the most difference is screen size. But what is most notable in his carry I9000 processor is considered the most powerful on the market with the ability to handle 90 million triangles per second (Samsung ARM Cortex-8, the PowerVR GPU SGX540). To see the difference, we remember that the iPhone 3Gs (PowerVR SGX535) also stops at 28 million triangles per second, Nexus One (GPU Adreno) 22 million triangles per second and Mo.torola Milestone (PowerVR SGX530) : 7 million triangles per second.

Also equipped with powerful processors, drawn from the Galaxy at first sight with AMOLED screen display Super bright 4.0 ", this is the 3rd mobile devices Samsung's Super AMOLED screen, but unique on-screen size. We had three choices in size Super AMOLED screen on the phone are: 3.3 "(Wave), 3.7" (Beam) and 4.0 "of I9000. Experience extremely spectacular video with the ability to play HD DivX only in S8500 and S Galaxy whiff.

S vs S8500 Glaxy Wave






Galaxy S is a contour surrounding the shiny metal frame, the back plastic to reduce weight of the machine (118g), of a size 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm, fairly symmetrical look when placed next to the HTC hd2, hd2 screen though a bit bigger. The front of the camera phones, including 3G I9000, Proximity sensors and light sensors, below are three key drivers.


The left body is key to increase volume, top of the camera is 3.5 mm jack and USB connector. Right body is the power button, and without the presence of key shooting. Back machine includes a speakerphone, 5.0 camera but no flash. Tailed micro machines only conversation.








Overall, the design of the Galaxy S is quite eye catching, holding and looking strong plastic with a glossy texture was also highly appreciated. This is usually the Samsung phone.


Nothing much to discuss when the Galaxy S is equipped with AMOLED screen's exclusive Super Samsung. Machine is also equipped with imaging technology mDNIe often used on Samsung TVs. Size 4.0 ", 800x480 pixel resolution (16 million color display) is an advantage not better HD video performance on the phone. With these advantages have been known as the Super AMOLED, the screen I9000 is very high brightness, low light reflection, increasing sensitivity and energy savings. VibeZ With technology, you will get feedback when your impact is received.

Galaxy S screen display is 16 lines of text, 24 lines of text messages (depending on the font selected), you can install the screen.

Phone is equipped with motion sensors, makes it easy to see the machine with the tilt to one side. In standby mode, you can quickly access a number of applications (about 9 applications, see video above). And for a visual, see the screen image comparison of S with HTC Galaxy hd2.



Connection, communication skills

Galaxy S is the second phone after the Samsung Wave 2 is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi b / g / n. In theory, the maximum transmission capacity of the Wi-Fi n standard is 24 Mbps. Experimental transmission of a 1GB file within 3 meters, the result was a maximum of about 12 Mbps.

Equipment support many different configurations: Serial Port, Dial Up Networking, File Transfer, Object Push, Basic Printing, SIM Access, A2DP. For use with a wireless headset that works very well. Generally the connections are normal.

USB connection, you can choose three modes: Media, Mass Storage, Samsung PC Studio. The USB Mass Storage, USB Version - 2 allows transmission speeds of 4.5 megabytes per second. When connected to PC via USB, the machine does not allow the use of Bluetooth, whether that connection is not just data. This may seem a little inconvenient.

When connected to your PC, your phone will automatically charge the same as other Samsung phones.

Other characteristics

Camera : Capture images with 5MP features smile detection and face, support 720p HD video at 30fps.

Memory : There are two versions of internal memory is 8GB and 16GB, 32GB memory card support

Cell: Lithium-Ion 1500 mAh. According to the manufacturer, it provides talk time of up to 6.5 h, standby time of 350h. With networks in Europe, you can get in two days, continuous use for Web access, only one day, playing video 4.5 h and 30h continuous playback.

Update basic configuration S Samsung Galaxy

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