Sep 25, 2009

Flexible java5 JSON generator / parser

svenson is a Java5 JSON generator/parser. It lets you convert Java object graphs into JSON and vice versa. svenson offers an API and annotations to aid you in this.

The initial code for svenson grew out of a simple generator tool class I once wrote for my projects. I wrote JSON parsing code while working on my own couchdb driver called jcouchdb. Later I decided to create a standalone svenson project because the outcome seemed to be sufficient for all kinds of scenarios not involving jcouchdb.


  • Free choice of java side objects: From total generic list/map scenarios to mapping POJOs to/from JSON or a mix between those two, from JSON generation being something your classes handle themselves to something JSONifying them.
  • Annotations and interfaces to help you to create your own applications that work with JSON.
  • Quality Assurance with unit tests ensures svenson keeps working after changes.

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