Sep 29, 2009

Jaxcent – An Alternative to GWT

Jaxcent is a Java-only AJAX framework and API. Like GWT, it does not require JavaScript programming.

Unlike GWT, Jaxcent is a server-side framework. Instead of being compiled into JavaScript, the Java code directly runs on the server, and communicates with the client via a small JavaScript file.

Being a server-side framework provides many advantages. The coding is very straightforward. The development environment is the exact one that developers are used to. Any tools, debuggers, JMX/JConsole, third party libraries, text files, databases, everything is accessible in the normal manner.

There may be some concern that a server-side framework may be putting more burden on the server, compared to GWT. However, a GWT-like approach does require the server to maintain, manage and deliver multiple JavaScript files. In real terms, that can be a significant server load. In contrast, Jaxcent has a single small JavaScript file, that will be cached by normal browsers. The actual load on the server is comparable to any server side pre-AJAX framework, such as servlets, JSP, ASP etc.

To see a few Jaxcent samples, please visit the samples page.

Jaxcent is available for download at the download page.

Jaxcent documentation is available at the documentation page for review. It is also included in the download.

An online tutorial for Jaxcent is available at

For any feedback or questions, please use the form at the contact page.


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