Jul 9, 2010

Omnia vs iPhone 2

Comparison between Omnia and IPHONE

Back design:

Particularly, this section will probably have the reviews and comments about the different looks of them. People then see what other people saw these beautiful more beautiful than the other with her ... hehe ... but each has their very own beauty and is part of his more favored by Omnia Omnia 2 2 design with a shiny black cross smoothly from start to finish brings elegance, elegant and somewhat mysterious. Thing is that it also has special keys Cubic highly toxic, crystal-clear, sparkling like diamonds expensive) Nice ... Now the iPhone is not redesigning the incondite Exciting, for such period. Four sides of the line is just cause for his simple feeling a bit boring


Weight Omnia 2 seems slim and lightweight than tiny compared with the iPhone but also not significant.


Hand after the second handset has a slick black. The top of the head with the iPhone is SIM slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and power button also OMNIA 2 jack is connected MicroUSB and 3.5 mm Jack AIO to connect the handsfree (Hand-free), headset (Speaker ) and the port TV out always  great.


The angle of the iPhone looks more square than the Omnia 2. iPhone is more light-metal border. Can see the size of two phone not much difference.


The configuration

Especially this part can be clearly seen remarkable improvements in the technology of the Omnia 2 vs version iPhone.

Net realized when it is turn on the display. With two wide-screen Omnia 3.7 inch big screen than a 3.5-inch iPhone display, the Omnia also on PDA 2 is applied first AMOLED technology with extremely high resolution WVGA 800 x 480 pixels instead iPhone remains the TFT technology with traditional resolution less than 480 x 320 pixel HVGA. This shows very clearly the difference ADDRESS, ADDRESS AMOLED shows the sharp, bright TFT and more.


This is the 2chiec screen lock, how to unlock a different part 1chut. iPhone is a scroll sideways also with Omnia 2 it is press and hold ...

To demonstrate more clearly the advantages of AMOLED display bright, I'll change the background with blue green leaves with the other iPhone.


Omnia Screen 2 brilliant, bright, cheerful colors than the iPhone 3G next. And there is a difference in two sample screen of this phone, it was touch ... iPhone with tradition still maintained ADDRESS trc generation (2G) that monitors the capacitance sensor. Using the charge of the body to function. But with Omnia 2 by the characteristics of Windows Mobile operating system should use resistive touch. The reason is to screen resistive touch higher precision (with the smallest resolution, so you can seen as drawing with a stylus) compared with the capacitance sensor. Omnia 2 technology uses Advanced-R touch will feel very smooth stroke ...

Next, the processing speed of the machine, with a speed of nearly every one on top of the mobile handset market, is in his second Omnia 1CPU up to 800 Mhz CPU of the iPhone through a considerable distance is 600 MHz ( iPhone 3GS) and 412 MHz (iPhone 3G). These are the chipsets produced by Samsung. But to implement these tasks on a smooth as it can not not mention the composition of RAM. iPhone 3G , the number of RAM may seem modest in the third brought ADDRESS product comparison, that figure only 128 MB less than a half compared with the "rookie" is 3GS iPhone and Omnia 2-256 MB. Perhaps the most powerful war is the war on storage. Storage needs of ng `Consumers increasingly, not just a store like advance mp3 songs here, now in the entertainment world has always had many attractions: the film, the latest clips high-definition HD-resolution pictures nhg large, Mp3 songs ADDRESS low compression ratio ... with all that storage space required on a larger. So to solve that need to be like the iPhone has been upgraded from 8 / 16 GB 3G version of 3GS 16/32GB for the subject but where "bad side" way. Omnia 2 2phien version is released 8 GB and 16 GB with iPhone 3G, but something special that can not Exciting line iPhone that is able to upgrade via memory card slots. That's quite a disadvantage ... Omnia 2 MicroSD card slot, supports up to 32 GB card. What's great is not it! Spoiled or copy the music, the cult movie you like without worrying about the lack of capacity home again!

In connection

Most advanced phones on the market today have support for both generation GSM 2G and 3G. Omnia and the iPhone 2 is also not out of the edrive. Phones with two parallel each other at all but a scattered band of small differences in Omnia 2 is a further support system with speed HSUPA 5.76 Mbps HSDPA system rather than just the iPhone.

Strengths in connection Omnia 2 also shows the ability to connect at Wi-Fi by using more technology ADDRESS DLNA. 2mau day holding their phones for comparison, I tried the same risk for intellectual 1vi Omnia and iPhone 2 connect to wifi in the know about 20m, immediately Omnia second advantage to win immediately successful connection, Now the iPhone 3G to the "crucified" than to try to start the 2nd new Network Address but the "burden off the middle road"that happened while two remained Address Omnia connection. Ko also started the second such Omnia ADDRESS waves from a cafe near the 40 meters that way, the iPhone has insufficient

Sound Quality

The following are the survey results


Address Omnia appreciated than the volume, could be called very good compared to the average level of the iPhone 3G. Not so with the support of technology and SRS DNSe made Omnia 2 player capable of excellent with simulated surround sound, stereo sound to bring order smoother, vibrant and lively as is 1rap singing in luxury.

Interface, operating system and features:

It is difficult to compare the two operating systems are Microsoft Windows Mobile on the Omnia 2 and Mac OS iPhone, the party any more. Each operating system there are points

Highlights of our strengths. iPhone OS featured graphical interface also strong with both Windows Mobile has a treasure of applications in both office and entertainment ... Here we see the same interface and properties they do:


This is after unlocking the interface, the main interface. Address Omnia 2 remained the capital of their brilliant. Also Omnia 2 Exciting the custom in access applications by using the TouchWiz UI 2.0 and 3D Media Gate also iPhone icons is just that simple.

Here are pictures of the Media Gate 3D with volume up nice salary eyes of the iPhone does not Omnia 2


Next is the message interface of the iPhone vs Omnia 2, with a QWERTY keyboard for typing but Omnia 2 special characters easy



Phone screen with touch keys to, obviously ...


Along with basic features such as entertainment features like music ...


Omnia 2 can control the player as an easier way to adjust the volume, re-configured to use SRS or DNSe technology. iPhone photo album that may be larger. Try out horizontally machine


Both models are two lines of entertainment features all the power. Graphical interface vivid 3D.


With a resolution of 5.0 megapixels , auto focus (AF), dual flash (Flash LED Dual) and not least the special digital camera true, it is more functional identification smile. So true is that iPhone is not competition in these bouts. We only have the camera 2.0 megapixels for the 2G and 3.2 megapixels for the 3Gs and only version 3Gs adds a new AF. These are the shooting modes of the Omnia 2


And here are photos taken at the same level 1goc shows the difference between the iPhone and Omnia 2. Address resize images down to size ..

image image

Address 2 saw pictures on the difference between the two phones capable of shooting. 2 for both auto mode, the image of the iPhone for a wide variety of colors moisture Omnia g 2 also shows the ADDRESS honest than the color of the object ADDRESS photographs, pictures also depth than the iPhone. It was felt initially as a small image resize Address to the quality of sharpness is similar. But to see the difference we need to zoom in Here are two photos on the zoom up


The more you zoom to more clearly see the difference in picture quality, iPhone photos started to "break", ADDRESS particles that noise, no depth, color began to have "issues". Address Omnia 2 still send its high image remains smooth, noise and the phenomenon has not been "broken" lines on the edges of the frame's still express ADDRESS.

Filming the second Omnia likely filming with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels at 30 fps also iPhone 3GS only VGA resolution 640 x 480 pixels at a speed well 30khung fps, iPhone 3G is often not has this interesting feature.

With the support of 3G features make calls Video Call (talk with images) made to fully exploit 2 fitted Omnia kemvoi a front VGA camera can not understand the reason that the iPhone has lost the right to benefit of consumers so as no front camera


Share your ideas and thoughts.

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