Jul 2, 2010

Windows Phone 7 : Using a test applications on Windows Marketplace before you buy

To prepare for the launch of Windows 7 Phone , Microsoft has recently announced the new policy applies to the Windows Marketplace - warehouse application for Windows smart phone system , similar Ap.ple App Store and Android Market . According to Microsoft , people use before purchasing any applications on Windows Marketplace can try free full version of the application .

This is a fairly or policies of Microsoft , swim in the "upper gold bran down " the current confusion , the trial before the product will help consumers identify what are the applications most suitable for your needs itself , as well as reduce " bad cry, bad jokes , " because buying the wrong goods .

In addition, gender itself will benefit programmers , because customers who try the official version than the quality demo version ( but the official version is too bad ) will help you , the least pretty exact application , so more likely to open their wallets ( or harder, if applications exceed " E " ) , which the programmer does not need too worry about marketing stage , or spend time developing an original demo . This is also a way for users and programmers to reduce dependence on technology reporter - a view which is not necessarily completely accurate .

Phone Windows 7 , the introduction of Microsoft , will inevitably not so bad . Microsoft has spent tons of money for marketing for its key products . But in October , when the official Windows 7 Phone appears on the market , how many programmers and telephone companies shall cooperate with Microsoft , where all the major brands like Micro.soft , Samsung .. . have their " docks " of their own safety . Finally, no one wanted to be " way according to " CEO Steve Ballmer was not yet sure what benefit ! ( Microsoft required hardware manufacturers must follow the design standards are very strict system of their own ).


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