Jul 1, 2010

New Free Samsung Corby Wallpapers 3 in 1

Mobile Wallpapers with high resolution - 400x400

Samsung 3 in 1 wallpapers - Size 720 x 400

SAMSUNG wallpapers with high resolution - 240x400

SAMSUNG wallpapers with high resolution - 240x320

Mobile Wallpapers with high resolution - 480x800

Samsung Corby Wallpapers
Samsung Corby Wallpapers 1
Samsung Corby S3653 wallpapers
Samsung Corby S3653 Wallpapers -1
3 in 1 free Samsung Corby Wallpapers
Beautiful free samsung corby wallpapers

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Anonymous said...

How to create 3 in 1 wallpapers for samsung..............?
pls reply
by jas

Anonymous said...

just past 3 240x400 images next to each other that they form one big image of 720x400 :)

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