Jul 9, 2010

OMNIA II - All-In-One Redefined [Simple tips and Q&A]

Hard reset OMNIA II (Delete all data and reset everything back to the initial installation of the machine)

Many installations will be so much whether your OMNIA II memory crisis, with 256 RAM, a 800Mhz processor speed will be slow to go, you want to risk 1ngay Format, re-establish the original state of machine. Hard reset postponed thinking about it!

Hard reset to be able to have children OMNIA II 2cach easy to perform

Method 1. Use code Master-Reset: * 2767 * 3855 #


after entering the code on the machine will automatically reboot, then only the calibration screen will wait until the aircraft on the main screen ADDRESS ^ ^ Too easy but a bit dangerous ..

Method 2. Using the keyboard

First make sure you have your Address OMNIA off. Then press and hold "volume up key, key lock, call and end keys(Volume Up, Lock, Call and Hang Up).

Then I will shake OMNIA II and the Samsung logo appears, about two-3giay then removed the keys will just keep the screen like this:


Next to do is press the postponed call (Call) to proceed with format. Hihi ... The work we do eventually need to adjust the screen. that's it, I status OMNIA has become the initial setup.

Note to everybody that there is a difference 2cach on. If used in a way a user code is done as soon as you type code will not have any 1thong Report Format for you by default all machines, including data stored in memory Address in My Storage (8GB, or 16GB), please trc make sure you also use the keyboard with hard cach2 the ADDRESS data stored in internal memory My Address Storage still hold, will not have the Format.

Soft reset

Phenomenon crashes very often happens with nhg the PPC running Windows Mobile and the cg OMNIA II can not be outside. Reason occurs often crashes due to running too many applications and 1luc, software errors or other causes 1vai. To overcome slow or hung machines should use Task Swicher (Cubic hold approximately 3 seconds) to close the program. But if the machine still hangs there. Postponed so how?! Hehe ... simple as weaving baskets, reset the machine. Open the cover behind the machine will have a small hole 1cai distance between seat and seat SIM card inserted MicroSD memory from the first machine comes stylus, toothpick or 1cai j 1cai minor key it in there.


Increase the volume for OMNIA II (reset the volume levels)
Using the code * # 0002 * 28346 #


This is the interface of the Audio Gain for the doctor looked over ^ ^


Remove installed programs (Uninstall)

Start => Settings => Memory Settings => Main Storage


then you want to delete any program, just press the DELETE button next to

Switch mode Etiquette (When you're up to the sound machine will automatically turn off a program with the exception of the alarm can still report)

Start => Settings => Motion Settings => Etiquette => Enable Pause Etiquette


Check the operation of the machine (screen, sound, vibration, the sensor is generally hardware ... burp)

Use code: * # 0 * #


VD check the light sensor and the sensor orientation (compass number)


Configuration for GPS

The configuration is very important for GPS GPS can operate ADDRESS

Trc first to Start => Settings => General Settings => GPS => Connection in the GPS program port COM7 selected, then select the GPS hardware port COM9, the baud rate to 4800.


Today ADDRESS collect much more so for the doctor here Update:

- For Camera Firmware Update

Use code: * # 2470 #

Will open the program: CameraFWUpdate


Be sure to have an Internet connection (ActiveSync, GPRS, Wifi)

Select Firmware Update wait a little house! Until it is OK to inform a DC.

- See ROM version (software version)

Use code: * # 1234 #


Check the battery capacity and rapid state
Use code: * # 9911 #


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