Nov 1, 2012

Samsung would get patent for screen "3 piece"

Folding screen in 3 dances by Samsung registration can help to turn a smartphone into mini tablet in minutes.

Samsung is considered a world leader in display technology. In addition to the common types of screen today as AMOLED on LCD the Galaxy doing or provide for the iPhone, the company has also introduced a screen to "Flexibility" in 2009.
Nevertheless, while the Flexibility full screen promise has delayed the launch several times, the Korean electronics company continues to apply for copyright on a more advanced screen: screen "folded". Accordingly, if Samsung is successful, this screen will create a revolution, helped create the smartphone "transformation". Experience watching movies, surfing the web or playing games the user will be elevated to a new level. Currently, Samsung is the world's largest smartphone maker. In the third quarter of this year, 's smartphone market share for the first time the 31.3% mark, twice as high compared to competitors behind is Apple. This is the first time that a manufacturer claims a 30% smartphone market share worldwide.


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