Nov 1, 2012

Samsung back to the smartphone screen LCD 2013

Currently most of the high and intermediate Samsung smartphone will use AMOLED. So there is a sad information for the fans an AMOLED: Samsung not ready for the launch of the AMOLED display with full HD resolution.

According to a Korean newspaper ZDNet, Samsung will select LCD technology for smartphones full HD screen next year. Samsung should have more time to learn to not be able to get the full HD resolution on the AMOLED panels. Samsung is ready to produce full HD LCD screen to compete with LG and Sharp. Samsung's new screen pixel density is 440ppi, while of density Sharp screen 443ppi. With these high numbers this small difference would not affect the "see pixels or not." So for the full HD screen for smartphones, manufacturers should consider the display technology, which is to improve the display quality, contrast, viewing angle ... Earlier this month, LG has also started working with full HD screen with AH-IPS technology. Could not say anything when technology is developing day by day, hour by hour. So we hope Samsung will soon find a way to produce a simple AMOLED screen with a resolution of full HD. So at least we will have more options when the majority of those who "live" with AMOLED, it is difficult to go back to LCD.



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