Nov 18, 2012

[Guide] Spoof Game / Apps for Bada 2.0 - Wave 1/2/3 and 723



Its very simply Flash files apps_compressed modified (k data loss) in accordance with your selected LSI,

Boot Change and Full Download * then Click the Port Search. * and Download

Multiloader 5.67:Download link apps_compressed modified (Wave I) -

apps_compressed modified (Wave II) -

apps_compressed modified (Wave III not test) http: / /

apps_compressed modified (Wave 723 used Firmware EXXLB3)

spoof Tools Bada - https://dl.dropbox .com/u/40346750/BW...poof-Fr-En.rar

BadaCertificate.cer -

Link GameSpoof:


NOTE: may this k to work on new FW If the error after the spoof: "0101,0102,0103,0104,0105,0106,0107,0108,0109,01 10?

*wave I : Flash wave using turko version v5 and then do the steps 1 flash file apps_Compressed.bin.

* wave II: Flash Firmware is been: after the spoof it

First you download this file and extract it offline: 20Spoof.rar
B1: down this http://www.mediafire . com /? 15y75qq285r68td (pas: Extract all the package compressed it In the folder BadaAppsSignature, you will first file namedBadaCertificate.cer Copy this file to your memory card into the memory card. Opens the phone - My Files and navigate to the certificate file click on it to install the certificate. Click yes

B2: turn on the spoof program. the first program in the new file fibers above B3: in the signature tab select the path to the folder containing the game to spoof> game> bin> ... integrates v the below press 1.signer then press 2 . renommer B4: wave connection to the PC in mass storage mode, Through tab COPIE, select your G: \ drive (your memory card to drive in my computer) then press copier B5: wait for it to run (long) B6: when completed, will appear one bulletin board, click ok and remove the cable from the PC B7: choose to install on the memory card, then connect the wave with the Samsung Kies PC mode B8: through tabs installation select carte mesmoire in the emplacement , click Installer. B9: the completion of one bulletin board again, click ok. B10: Enjoy! (I use the ICS lockscreen CFW S8500DXLD1_XEV, adjust the English language when working offline, can not make myself do not throw bricks )


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