Nov 8, 2012

Download the latest software UC Browser English

Software UC Browser released two different versions for Java, version running in the cloud, and other versions run together in the cloud. Is accompanied by a number of useful applications, it is: UDisk, Quick Reads, and Online Bookmarks UDisk  - Save and download anytime, anywhere. Unlike other Netdisk, (UDisk) works with most web resources , because it is integrated with the browser. Simply create a UC account, you can save everything, regardless of host or web resources to (UCDisk). You have 70MB for permanent storage and 2GB of storage for 7 days. Maybe we will provide premium services to upgrade the storage space in the future. Quick Reads:  application help fast browsing through news sites, the latest information online index: Synchronize only your items at any time. Download UC Browser to your computer


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