Nov 1, 2012

Instructions for using the Snap feature in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a new feature that allows users to run and display two parallel application at the same time, called Snap. Snap is not a special feature on Windows 8's desktop, but it allows users easily and track two applications simultaneously without switching operations.Snap feature only works with the screen horizontal resolution of 1366 pixels. First, you will have to open an app that you want to use with the snap feature. After launching the application, press the Windows key to return to the Start Screen. If you move the mouse to the upper left corner, or use the key combination Win + Tab, you will see a column that displays the application running in the background.

Then, continue to launch the second application you want to run in parallel with the snap feature, launch the application after the application is working with windows larger than the remaining applications. Continue to press the key combination Win + Tab, then drag and drop the remaining applications are running in the background on the left pane.

At this point, your screen will be divided into two parts. A larger party application is the main work, the left side is smaller. But on each side applications that have different display mode, you can still work and use the features of the side effects normally. At the same time switching back and forth between the two applications in a very simple way.

However, you can not split-screen two applications at a rate of 50/50. Side applications will always be attached to the left of the screen and a smaller percentage, while the remaining applications always dominate the screen. To change the main application side with larger working space, you can move the mouse pointer over the top of the screen, press and hold the application and drag it and drop into the center position.

You can also use the Snap feature to mount a screen on the left side, while the main working window of Windows 8 will still work as normal.Just like it is on the Desktop as an application running in the background.

Features Snap's not too special with the desktop, but on the tablet this is a very attractive feature. Multitasking to run parallel with the display two applications, a new feature compared with other competing tablets.


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