Nov 17, 2012

Samsung LED TV to promote development cheap line EH

In their event in New York City, Samsung has brought people to enjoy the performances of a number of technological breakthroughs announced in the company's new products.

Samsung really shows the ambition to change the TV's remote control. Not for the controls disappear, but to change it in a comprehensive way. They declared that "We have made ​​this better than ever."


Samsung has introduced the Samsung remote control Remove Smart Touch, is the first product to be integrated Wi-Fi functionality. This product even has a microphone to help control the TV via voice.The controller looks not unlike a stylish mobile phone with slim design, glossy black casing and the border control light. The advanced remote control of Samsung to use the touch screen with the QWERTY keyboard instead of the usual number of buttons that support Bluetooth wireless, users just need to help control everything with a single finger. The QWERTY keyboard is compatible with Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung also announced new EH Series TV. They hope that these devices will fit the object. new TV series (including EH4000 and EH5000 size 32-40 inch) borderless screen design only 14 mm thick, 60% thinner than the LCD. In addition, they are equipped with a Clear Motion Rate frequency from 50 to 100 Hz, for sharper moving images in action movies or play games.


By use LED backlight EH Series for vibrant colors, better black display. Samsung said that their generation LED TV 2012 has 3 safety functions including anti-lightning, anti-shock and anti-moisture.
Another highlight on cheap Samsung LED TV is the ability to replace the HD to play music, view photos or run high-definition video (MP4, MKV) via the USB port. firm also launched HT-E5500W - the 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System. There is also the appearance of the DA-E670 audio devices support both iPhone and Galaxy. Finally, a product of vacuum technology system Amplifier Companyalso disclosed emphasis on the difference of the remote control system, the ability to interact with people via voice or controlled by gestures through a camera integrated on a high-end TV (such as the ES8000).
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The device also includes an IR-blaster allows the user to control a set-top box with the Bluetooth signal / IR. Samsung said it will open its API to developers later this year to allow them to create applications by voice and gesture for Samsung Smart TV. new applications for Samsung Smart TV including News Corp. The Daily, HBGo ... A new feature will be used in family fitness applications as well as monitoring the weight and health of the members. Finally, Samsung said that they would sell own 3D glasses for $ 20 for each pair.



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