Oct 23, 2012

UK pet game downloads


Myzoo a kingdom pets for hobby enthusiasts pets to game Myzoo you will own and care for the animals that you love such as: chicken, duck, lion, leopard, rhino ... All both located in your phone with pet Myzoo still great even when you are not online. My zoo is not just mere game pets that game also features many other small game to help players get bored with veterinary care, you can continue with this mini-game entertainment.

You can make friends and do other tasks on MYZOO. There are currently 5 games for players to choose: Song fight, Learning, Dial, elected, Guess
Game allows the player can freely select style to your garden with decorative items are sold in the shop. Also you can make friends with their friends in the game to join the activities in the game ... Myzoo will not be missing if you are pet lovers. Come along to with your game MYZOO!



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