Oct 23, 2012

Download The Incredibile Hulk Games - Red giants

The game was replayed image giant Hulk in Mavel firms comic series ever was first launched in 1962. The main character, the giant blue, by nhavat reason Bruce Banner transforms into after exposure to large amounts of gamma radiation in the process of researching and manufacturing new weapons. And since then, Banner brings in tremendous strength. Mo Ilan he is angry that power resurfaces with destructive frenzy.

After five years of hiding in a small town in Brazil, Bruce accidentally discovered and army of Ross and Blonsky pursued aggressively. Finally, in order to protect his life, he must returning Hulk shape to escape and return to New York.
Much The Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction released day3 years, which most people choingac course This product of SEGA is able to destroy the Hulk. It looks like everything in the game deuco be of changkhong hand huge smash, from cars, houses, everything works, to humans.All things that Hulk can stop becomes a dangerous weapon, you can use the car along the road to throw into the crowd great, or broke them to throw apart everything around
Game offers screen for gamers 14 players with more than 20 mini tasks large and small, are scattered throughout the city, you have the freedom to choose to perform tasks. Of the main game to play free style action. However, not giongnhu "extended" Grand Theft Auto IV, The Incredible Hulk proved to be very attractive at first with potentially devastating unlimited, but after a few screens, tasks vudan become duplicate made ​​for gamers it was "sleepy".
Incredible Hulk character, you also control nine different characters, as the higher level of the original Hulk. This is the character you unlock after the game screen and kill the boss.
A total of more than 40 skills that Hulk will learn when completing tasks or meet certain conditions. When control devastating Hulk or defeat enemies, you'll see increasing energy bar next and when full, it will make the moves of Hulk becomes stronger to cope with unpleasant opponents. In addition, the game gives Hulk strength almost as champion when using blood recovery mechanism automatically makes the tasks in the game soon becomes monotonous.
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