Oct 27, 2012

Compare Galaxy Note II configuration with the Note and S III

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the synthesis of the Note early configuration with upgrades as well as the design of the Galaxy S III.The question is how to choose your own equipment like that in this trio? If compared to the first life Note Note II has many improvements such as more compact, but the larger screen, long screen 16:9 aspect ratio, however, the resolution does not change. The new Note II configuration is also more powerful than the previous generation with the use of four rather than two processors and twice the amount of RAM, up to 2GB. If compared with the S III, Note also more powerful CPU and GPU RAM is the same. However Note II is also equipped with S Pen along with together with very good facilities that S III does not have to be.Note II is also equipped with high-capacity Li-ion battery - 3100mAh, more parameters you can monitor in the comparison table below.






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