Dec 6, 2010

Instructions to enable DIVX in Samsung S8300

As you know, a number of new series of Samsung has recently integrated view film features the DivX format are preferred standard film format today.
Including i8510, i900, S8300, M7600 BEAT DJ, Jet.
Innov8 and Omnia, the OS should use to install software is considered tasty, but the S8300 and BEAT DJ, Jet does not have an operating system must do
After a time his research has found a way to activate this function on S8300

Step 1 :

  • First you need to download Divx palyer software on your CPU at
  • After the show on the CPU setup is complete, run the program on your computer, you select the Menu Bar as follows:
    Tool \ user account \ "Create Account. Use your email address to sign up for an account of the Divx player.

Step 2 :

  • You go to Settings \ Phone Settings \ DivX (R) VOD
  • You remember the registration number or his equipment out (includes 8 letters and numbers).
    After successful registration you remember to check an email, Right click on link to activate your account (very quick registration).image
  • Then open the DivX player you select the menu:
    Tool \ Device Manager \ Register Device
  • After selecting your printing company will show up the following:
  • registration code you enter into the machine, the box next to name-whatever your name is not important.

    After waiting for test program code number and download the video action . When completed, the program will ask you to download videos to disk fragmentation, or on PC, select the download link PC, but you must remember to save that video transmission.

    copy S8300.divx to your mobile and enjoy watching videos in DIVX!!!!


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