Dec 6, 2010

Download Free Samsung Wave Widgets


HTC Clock with weather forecast (Like most HTC's Clock)

You download link below and then copy to memory card or wherever you are. Installation is complete click on the cloud to select locations. Attention during the search to the full article "City" New results

Widgets Gallery, manage media files in the phone (only file in the memory management unit)

New Widget



Calculator widget and convenient for any medical or calculation

Link :

More widgets download here

Simply Weather

Speed dial (very necessary)

Press installed at right angles to add to contacts. (Note that the images will not be called if the image is the theme from facebook, want to add pictures from your default contact)
add the widget SNS for her children: D

Applunch: not to be missed!

Version 2 (3 icons applauncher)

Version 2.1 (4 icons applauncher)

Version 2.2 (9 in an app launcher)

weather - football - unit conversion



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