Nov 8, 2010

SiteMinder Web Agent For HTTP Server vs SiteMinder Application Server Agent For Application Server

For my reference - Found this article in this link :

SiteMinder Web Agent For HTTP Server

SiteMinder Application Server Agent For Application Server



Will not protect WAS directly

Protects WAS directly

No direct support for WebSphere SSO unless WebSphere is configured to same LDAP repository as SiteMinder User Directories

Bi-directional support for WebSphere SSO

No protection for EJB container and Web container

SiteMinder AppServer Agent protects WebSphere Web container and EJB container

No integration with WebSphere Application Server

Integrates with WebSphere Application Server Security Mechanism

Supportability is easy

Supporting WebSphere Application Server Agent is difficult when compared to the SiteMinder Web Agents

Security Integration is loosely coupled between Web Server and Application Server

Provides tight security integration for WebSphere Application Server

Provides advanced Authentication mechanisms – Form based, Certificate based, RSA token authentication etc

Provides basic Authentication scheme only; Needs another Web Server with SiteMinder Web Agent for Advanced Authentication Schemes

No Audit/logs are generated for WebSphere Application Server. Logs are generated only at IBM HTTP Server

Audit/Logs are generated at WebSphere Application Server level

Easy to troubleshoot

Support and troubleshoot needs higher level of experience with SiteMinder Application Server Agent and WebSphere Application Server

No need to restart Application Server when changes are made to SiteMinder Web Agent; The Web Server needs a restart

Application Server needs a restart when changes are made to the SiteMinder Application Server Agent


Sinna Peyya said...

Good informative article Vinay.

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