Nov 16, 2010

How to install facebook/myspace/twitter & yahoo widget for Samsung Corby/Star Phone


Download the following widgets from the given url. Extract the .zip file.

You can see 3 files in each .zip file.

1) *.html

2) readme.txt

3) widgetname.wgt

Let us take Yahoo folder as an example

Yahoo Folder –> yahoo.html,readme.txt & Yahoo.Star.wgt

Step –1 : Copy yahoo folder into your mobile phone through USB cable.

Step– 2 : Open yahoo folder in your mobile phone and launch yahoo.html and click "Yahoo" link to request the widget.


If you found any issues, use comment form below

Advanced Facebook Widget file:

MySpace Widget file :

Twitter Widget file:

Yahoo Widget file:


Anonymous said...

After I do what you said, when i push the yahoo link to download it, my phone goes black, it restarts, and no widget is to be found...

Anonymous said...

I forgot to write my email, in case you know the solution, please help!!!


Anonymous said...

I also did what you said on your instruction. And it also turned black and restarts. I'm using a Samsung Star.

Anonymous said...

i deleted all my downloaded widget how can i get it back? pls help me..

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