Dec 30, 2009

Windows 7 Library

Windows 7 Libraries is a great way to organize your data. But still there are some tasks which are most needed with respect to libraries, and cannot be easily performed by a nontechnical user like backing up libraries, adding network locations to libraries and such other tasks.

The Windows 7 Library Tool is a small app which lets you perform such tasks with just a couple of clicks.


At the bottom you will find buttons to play with your library settings, you can create new library, modify any existing one, delete any particular library and make backups. The key features of this tool include that it lets you add non-indexed folders to the library, you can create libraries backup, and it lets you change library icons as well.

Select any particular library and hit the Edit button, you will find a dialogue box where you can play with the library’s properties.



It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Library tool can be downloaded from Library Tool
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clé usb said...

Well i m working with Windows 7 and one of the most interesting features in Windows 7, as most users would probably agree, is the Libraries. There are a few Libraries namely Communications,Contacts, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos which appear in Windows 7 by default. These names could be quite familiar as well for Vista users. However, the nature of these Libraries in Windows 7 is slightly different. In Windows 7, the Libraries are not individual folders by themselves. Each library folder is an aggregate of various different folders and each library view is tailored to specific content.

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