Oct 1, 2009

GWT Ext - Basic setups

GWT-EXT Video Tutorial

Setup GWT and Cypal studio in Eclipse

Add Ext and Gwt-Ext to the project

Add basic client side regex validation, remote service and save form data in Oracle

If Memory problem occurred while running GWT-EXT programs in GWT development Shell using eclipse
If you see this type of error

[[ERROR] Out of memory; to increase the amount of memory, use the -Xmx flag at startup (java -Xmx128M ...)] in "Google Web Toolkit Development Shell"

Please do the following steps in eclipse.ini

1) Go to eclipse installation folder ex: c:\eclipse
2) You can see eclipse.ini ( Configuration Setting file) in eclipse installation folder.
      Please open eclipse.ini in notepad/textpad/editplus.
 you can see the following entries in eclipse.ini


changed to

-Xmx512M [instead of -Xmx256M] - this can be extended up to PC RAM

We can use Java Memory settings can be - Xmx128m, -Xmx256m, -Xmx512m, -Xmx764m and -Xmx1024m

3) Go to start->run-> the following command
      "c:\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -clean

4) You can see the ini file changes in eclipse->help[menu] -> about eclipes->Configuration Details

Alternate way instead of changing the eclipse.ini
"c:\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -Xmx1024M -v java -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.disablePrinting


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