May 17, 2013

Samsung profit up 95% Android market

According to a report from Strategy Analytics, the Korean electronics company has captured almost the entire profit generated by Android devices worldwide in the first quarter / 2013

In the quarter, earnings from Android products worldwide at about 5.3 billion dollars, and of which there are 5.1 billion (95%) as the Samsung. Oh Woody, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics said that Samsung's success is due to "supply chain efficient components, the product can be dressed with excellent marketing strategy".

LG came in at No. 2 with 2.5% profit on the Android Market and Samsung fellow inferior far to the number of devices sold. Samsung can fully take advantage of its dominant position to put pressure on manufacturers other Android devices.

director Neil Mawston at Strategy Analytics, said:

"We believe that Samsung gain more profit from the Android than Google. With strength and its position in the market, Samsung is possible to impose their influence on shaping the Android ecosystem in the future.For example, Samsung may require software updates or exclusive early for their devices before the other manufacturers. "

According to the report, overall, the Android operating system accounted for 43% total of 12.5 billion dollars in profits in the smartphone market last quarter.


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