May 17, 2013

Samsung announced that it would reconsider the issue of memory Galaxy S4

Shortly making irresponsible comments about the Galaxy S4 memory, Samsung said it would study the issue.

Representatives of the Korean company has announced it will try to find ways to increase space for Galaxy S4 in the TV show recent BBC Watchdog. 

According to the technology site Cnet, Samsung will consider measures "optimization" software to achieve this goal. 

Earlier this month, Samsung has made ​​users angry when the user claims Galaxy S4 should solve the problem The phone's memory by purchasing a microSD memory card. Korean company said the Galaxy S4 8GB 16GB version available is only acceptable because 1080p screen and "strong features" memory occupied the top of the Android model. Additionally, from 26 / 6, Google and Samsung will release a version of "Nexus" by Galaxy S4.


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