Apr 3, 2013

Synthesis of application for Google's Android, a busy week

Past was a busy week in the world of Android, especially for Google. The following article for general application and introduce some interesting and useful to readers. Google Keep, Free

Google launched new service named Google Keep notes. The presence of this service may threaten the "life" of the popular Evernote application, but may be very long before this can happen. Currently, although Keep afford to completely replace Microsoft OneNote on the mobile, but does not provide many useful features such as Evernote. Of course, this service should only be a few days old restrictions exist for granted. Maybe next time, after continuous updates and repairs to better suit the needs of users, Keep service will become one of the most popular and loved. Now, with an accompanying widget, Keep still won the hearts of many Android users, despite a wide range of applications has existed for a long time on the "market". Google Currents, Free

Although Google will not keep Reader around after the summer, its Currents app will most likely continue to receive updates. This week, Google added audio support to Currents, enabling users to listen to podcasts and playlists from within the app where available.
Though Google will "death" Reader later this summer, but its Current applications will continue to be updated. This week, Google has added support for audio Currents, which allows users to listen to podcasts (audio files (mp3, wma, acc ...) describes the information about one product or service) and playing under for allowed. SnipSnap, Free

SnipSnap is an application for those who love to use coupons or anyone wishing to save a few dollars when shopping at the store. Just coupon imaging and its bar code to use the next time when you go shopping. Then SnipSnap will convert the barcode information and that the user has previously taken an electronic coupon can be scanned and used as a normal coupon. Users can also open the Explore function to search the coupon has been scanned and shared by other users SnipSnap. In just 5 minutes, you can also find up to 3 the coupon to its logical conclusion. Neatly, 30,000 VND.

With the trial version, users will experience the Neatly free application with the official version, they have to pay $ 2 (30,000 USD). Neatly positioned ourselves as intelligent customers of Twitter because it can customize the user's timeline based on their activities. The more you use, the more Neatly easy to detect what kind of tweet is kind of compelling their employer, thereby filtering out the tweet that they have little interest. This application also has custom ones such as blocking and filtering, appropriate to the needs of each user.

Source: arstechnica.com


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