Aug 25, 2009

Introduction to Software Engineering in Java

Part of a poster showing social networks among Flickr users.
This image shows how some Flickr users are linked in social networks. Assignment 7 asks you to model certain aspects of a simple social network. (Original image courtesy of GustavoG on Flickr.)

The course serves as an introductory course in parallel programming. It will have a series of lectures on parallel programming concepts as well as a group project providing hands-on experience with parallel programming. The students will have the unique opportunity to use the cutting-edge PLAYSTATION®3 development platform, as they learn how to design and implement exciting applications for multicore architectures. At the end of the course, students will have an understanding of • Fundamental design philosophies that multicore architectures address. • Parallel programming philosophies and emerging best practices. (ZIP - 2.52 MB)

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